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March 24th, 2011, 8:35 am

Tha Fashio Game

Since we are already voting for the real beauties contest... and we are left with nothing to play with while the polls are still open... I thought about planning another little game.

Here are the winter outfits for the girls... in sketch form. This game concerns the colors of the new outfit. Now... still taking into consideration what the girls' favorite colors are, let's think about a couple of things: 1) back then, just like now, colors would change and follow fashion so winter clothes usually don't have the same colors of the summer clothes 2) some of them are entering relationships so some colors are muting and merging with the colors of the loved one. 3) the materials used are different hence the dye will take a different shade of the fabric.

How to play:

- You can print and color this sketch with your colors...
- You can digitally paint this picture...
- You can send me a set of swatches indicating the outfit that should have those colors and where (and I paint for you)...
- You can send me a photograph with colors or patterns...

Where to post:

As usual you can either leave your link in the post reply here or on Facebook, on Deviant Art or send me and email at dedadaniels(at)

The contest will close by the end of April because the clothes will go on the girls in the May release and we'll need at least a couple of weeks to vote.

The girls will each have a full color cameo with the color picked by the winner... and the winner can request anything! :D How's that?

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