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November 5th, 2010, 9:16 am


Alright, guys, so... I started a census!
I am trying to count how divided into groups is the readership.

I'll try to make more sense here. I started a poll but it's not really a poll... it's kinda like you are enrolling into a fan club and this way I can count how many fans this or that pirate has. So you get to pick your favorite pirate, become his fan and make me happy! :D
go to the blog:

You can only vote once, I believe the poll is IP regulated (means it knows your ip and you can only vote once)... but if you like two guys you can vote for "others" and then I will have to split you into halves... so half of you, let's say the legs, go with one guy and the top part goes with the other.
Have fun!

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