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The Gem of the Mediterranean Sea - Chapter 1 - page 5

21 Jul 2014 04:37 pm

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Advertisement, 23 Jul 2014 06:17 pm

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elianthos, 21 Jul 2014 07:14 pm

Rough chronological stories order for this part of the saga. Also because a few bits do overlap <-- the storytelling coolness. - Circes (Castalia makes her 3-years deal with Circe. Mention of a certain missing Siren [Colapesce] and related sinking ships. Also last time we see Josh alive onscreen... and the first time we see Marigold)
- How To Steal A Ship (Castalia gets Don Gonzalo's ship with the help of Circe's boys. Kane visits her and little Cosimo is conceived 8D)
- Long Overdue (aka The Librarian/Nicoli/Colapesce's official debut. Castalia-&AHR&Lil Cosimo- join Kane. It's implied Josh is dead and has been so for a while. Circe kidnaps Castalia and tells him to come get her).
After Long Overdue we have
- Colapesce's Reality (Circes introduces Castalia/Gemma as the White Witch to her witch sisters)
- The Gem of the Mediterranean Sea (Josh' daughter Fimi is older and now part of Kane's family. Cosimo jr. is missing his kidnapped mommy. Kane's nightmare already features Castalia in her Gemma look. Going by the cover for 'The Messenger' Colapesce is probably going to warn Kane about the above White Witch developments... )
- Lio and the Stork
- The Slave Ship should be (at least partially) set after the Gem. Lio mentions the stork bit when she sees Foxy with Jean-Baptiste. Kane is away for most of TSS... looking for Gemma if not spending time with Gemma. Because in the very final pages both he and Gemma/Castalia are back home 8D <3 .

Back to the page: love. Love. Love.

Curiouser, 21 Jul 2014 09:37 pm

Welcome back boys! It's been a while since we last saw the whole crew together... well... minus Josh. I don't know if I can get used to that :'(... But still, I missed them a lot, though I wish the on-screen reunion was under better circumstances. Awesome page, they all look beautiful, especially Kes. A twitch in the stomach is inevitable seeing Circe's pattern...

PS. So the three girls don't know the truth... How about Mrs Steeves? I'm sure Martin would tell her if he himself knew. Also, I'm pretty sure they'd find a way to let her know that Josh is dead, they wouldn't keep it from her.

man in black, 22 Jul 2014 01:45 am

Of course she's waiting

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